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IT-based analysis of biological data

Modern technology platforms generate large quantities of data – comprehensive evaluation of these measured values is essential for the maximum return of investment. The new analysis technique A.B.O.S. allows a quick recording, classification and evaluation of biological properties or processes in complex databases.

In collaboration with the software developer Ars Nova, BioTeSys offers you an adaptable software tool. It is available as stand-alone application or can be integrated into existing processes.

Further information: Download A.B.O.S. (125 KB).
Application examples first presented at the Annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Microbiology 2015:
A.B.O.S. Outbreak of E.coli strain (Download 355 KB)
A.B.O.S. Trichophton Rubrum (Download 571 KB)

Scheme of the A.B.O.S. procedere: