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Cosmetics & Oral Care

BioTeSys checks the efficiency and safety of cosmetic products with specific in vitro models. Skin lightening or self-tanning products can be investigated in this way. The results can be transferred almost directly to the future user. For the oral care sector, too, there are organotypic models to analyse the efficacy or safety of toothpaste or mouthwashes, by way of an example. The reinforcement of health claims can also be carried out by BioTeSys.

Testing effects and safety of cosmetics

Cosmetics are daily consumer products. Beside the classical cosmetics such as make-up and perfume, personal care items are also included: dental care products, shampoos, soaps etc. Consumers expect more and more choice and positive effects. In order for manufacturers to compete with their competitors, they improve 25% of their recipes annually. In addition, the EU Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC specifies that any cosmetics product on the European market must be harmless. The manufacturers are therefore obliged to carry out a scientific safety assessment before launch.

Animal experiments for the testing of cosmetics have been definitively banned in the EU since 2013. BioTeSys is member in the IVTIP (In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform) to exchange information on alternative approaches with companies from the fields of chemistry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.