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Safety tests for chemicals as part of REACH, botanicals (THMP) and cosmetics

The determination of potential genotoxic effects is an essential component of the safety assessment. Applying in vitro testing, a combination of tests is usually used to answer this complex question. Available here are a number of recognised protocols, as well as other standard methods for the measurement of DNA damage.

BioTeSys offers a specific test package for detecting the endpoints chromosome damage and DNA strand breaks. The test methods complement each other and can detect DNA double-strand breaks directly and indirectly.

To determine the cellular toxicity, we offer the in vitro methods:

  • Micronucleus assay according to OECD TG 487
  • Automated FADU assay
  • γ-H2A.X assay

For further information please see our fact sheets on

Genotoxicity testing (Download 986 KB)
Automated GENOTOX-Assay with 3D-skin models (Download 652 KB)